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Meldahl Medical Management was founded by Charlene Meldahl in 1990 with a group of Anesthesiologists she was working for, handling their billing. She recognized a need in the market for billing and administrative services tailored to these providers. They joined her as the first client, as she expanded her services to other practices and medical groups. 

Nearly three decades later, the business has grown to 30 full-service clients. Many have been with Meldahl Medical Management since the inception. Meldahl is known for professional and personalized service, using the most current billing & admin technology alongside 50 combined years of experience in the industry. 

Charlene's daughter Kristy, who has worked with the business over 18 years, took the helm upon her retirement, bringing her own training & experience to continue nurturing the Meldahl Client family and growing the practice on the reputation and referrals of happy clients.  

Kristy Olson, CEO

As a graduate of Washington State University and a Pacific Northwest Native with over 17 years in the business, Kristy balances her billing work with a passion for the outdoors and is an avid mountaineer with summits of Aconcagua (South America), Denali (Alaska), Cotopaxi (Equador), Rainier (multiple times) and a summit attempt of Mt. Everest in 2000. While on lower ground, she is also a passionate dog rescuer, gardener and coffee lover.  

BA, WA State University
CPB Certification
AAPC Member
HBMA Member

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